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Original Beauty Box





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Original Beauty Box Giveaway

Original Beauty Box Giveaway

This month, I have teamed up with the Original Beauty Box to give away their standard Original Beauty Box. This company specializes in premium high-quality makeup organization products. Besides their acrylic makeup boxes, they also carry a spinning lipstick tower, eyeshadow palette holder, lipgloss holder, brush holder, brush drying-tree, lighted vanity mirror, brush set, and accessories!

Code “SMELLTHEROSES20” saves you 20% off your entire online order!

What You Will Win:

Your very own, brand new, Original Beauty Box Acrylic Makeup Organizer (valued at $119)!!

Original Beauty Box Giveaway via


  • 100% crystal clear acrylic (no yellow tint or fogginess!)
  • Smooth sliding drawers
  • 4 drawers
    • Narrow 1″ tall top drawer – ideal for lip/eye products
    • (2) 2.25″ tall middle drawers with removable dividers
    • 3.25″ bottom drawer with removable divider
  • Overall Dimensions: 10” L x 7” W x 9.5” H

Why it’s Better than Other Acrylic Organizers:

I purchased a couple other acrylic organizers before finally buying my Original Beauty Box (OBB). The alternatives were less expensive and it showed in their quality. Both of the ones I purchased came with cracks and I found their acrylic was easily scratched. The drawers also did not slide smoothly and often got stuck. I was also disappointed that if I wanted to divide the drawers it was either not available or an added cost.

Last year, I decided to treat myself and buy the Original Beauty Box after reading tons of great reviews and watching countless YouTube reviews. I am proud to say I believe the hype and feel this is the best acrylic makeup organizer out there! Because I love mine so much, I knew I had to reach out to the company and see if they would do a giveaway with Smell the Roses!

Smell the Roses + Original Beauty Box Giveaway
My personal Original Beauty Box filled with only 100% cruelty-free and natural products!

How I Use Mine:

  • Top Drawer: lipsticks, lip glosses, and chapstick
  • Second Drawer (left side): eye shadows and concealers
  • Second Drawer (right side): mascaras and eye liners
  • Third Drawer (left side): mineral foundation, bronzers, and blushes
  • Third Drawer (right side): primers, serums, and oils
  • Bottom Drawer (left side): jarred moisturizers/creams
  • Bottom Drawer (right side): various tubed products – pimple remedies, moisturizers, under eye treatments, etc.
  • On Top of Organizer: frequently used products – hair oil, perfume, lip scrub, etc.. (this constantly changes)


Smell the Roses + Original Beauty Box Giveaway
I recently switched all of my lip products into the top drawer where I used to hold my mascaras/eyeliners. I love how easy it is to see all the products and find which one I’m looking for.

Smell the Roses + Original Beauty Box Giveaway

Smell the Roses + Original Beauty Box Giveaway
Love how tall and spacious the bottom drawer is. It fits SO many products.


Smell the Roses + Original Beauty Box Giveaway
Love my Little Words Project bracelets – they look so pretty displayed on top! (and can we talk about how crystal clear the acrylic is..?)
Smell the Roses + Original Beauty Box Giveaway
The Prim Botanicals products are gorgeous and? their perfume smells so good!


I hope you’re all as excited about this giveaway as I am! My Original Beauty Box has seriously stepped by my makeup organizations game and has been a beautiful addition to my vanity.

xoxo Caitlyn |


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