December Giveaway (Week 1): Clean Air Products from Way Out Wax

Clean Air Giveaway


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Happy December to all my Smell the Roses readers! In case you haven’t heard, instead of my regular monthly giveaway, I am doing a giveaway each week of December to celebrate this holiday packed month! Yup, that’s right… 4 giveaways! ??
This week (Dec 4-10) I have teamed up with Way Out Wax to give away 3 of their Clean Air Products! (Enter below through the Gleam Plugin or on Facebook)
As part of my new year resolutions, I am switching my cleaning and home care products to natural/cruelty-free options. Continue reading (below the giveaway plugin) to learn why I love Way Out Wax and have made their products a new home staple. ?
p.s. code “SMELLTHEROSES” saves you {10%} on your order from the Way Out Wax Online Store. \\ Valid until Dec 24th. Cannot be used to buy gift cards. \\ 

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Way Out Wax: Clean Air! Giveaway


Way Out Wax has been creating non-toxic and environmentally conscious products in the Green Mountains of Northern Vermont for over 20 years (way before it was the trendy thing to do). Unlike other candle and home fragrance companies, you will not find a single chemical additive, fragrance, or dye in any of their products! This is a company that is passionate about making products that reflect an individual’s connection with the environment.

Their Ingredients:

  • Scents: Way Out Wax believes the healing botanical essences found in nature should be easily incorporated into everyday life. That is why their products are scented using only 100% pure/natural essential oils without any dyes or synthetic fragrances.
  • Wax: Their candles are composed of 100% natural non-GMO soy wax. The soybeans used to make their wax are sustainably farmed and free from pesticides and herbicides. To top it all off, their candles are also 100% biodegradable.
  • Animal Testing: None of their ingredients or final products are testing on animals. Their products are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free! ?

Their Commitment to the Environment:

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle:

Way Out Wax believes that “healthy products make for healthy people and a healthy planet”. On top of using natural & sustainable materials, they recycle whenever possible throughout their manufacturing process. They even go as far as reusing packing materials they received from their raw supplies for shipping their customers’ outbound packages.  Even their shipping boxes are often second-hand from a company that sources “overruns” and other gently-used boxes. That is some serious dedication! ?

You can continue the reduce/reuse/recycle practice when you’re finished with your products too. Their candle jars and travel tins are easy to clean out and reuse as a storage container.

Read more about Way Out Wax’s Environmental Commitment here

Why I Love their Clean Air Product Line:

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 4.19.20 PM

Febreze vs. Way Out Wax:

We all want our home to smell good. For years I used Febreze and Bath & Body Works home fragrances to prevent my house from smelling like a puppy infested stinky sock land ? However when I started researching what was in these products and their brand’s animal-testing policy, I immediately had to stop. There is no requirement for companies to disclose ingredients in air fresheners so it is close to impossible to know exactly what is in these products without third-party testing. According to the Environment Working Group, when they tested our beloved Febreze they found AcetaldehydeBHT, artificial fragrance, and propylene glycol, all linked to cancer, allergens, & developmental toxicity. These are just a fraction of the chemicals found in Febreze – kinda scary! While Febreze advertises they will “purify” your air, they are actually just contributing to indoor air pollution.

Way Out Wax: Clean Air Products

If you want the benefits of Febreze without the hidden dangers, I highly recommend the Clean Air Collection from Way Out Wax. I had read amazing reviews for their candles so I was really excited when I found out they had an air-purification line! I have been using it for the past month and have noticed a HUGE difference in the freshness of my bedroom’s air. My dogs sleep in my bed so I always feel like my room smells like them. These products have been a big help in keeping odors at bay! I wish I had found them sooner!!







This product is great for gradual odor elimination. The neutral scent is very light and refreshing, so it works for all individuals’ tastes and for all times of the year. I like that I can light the candle and its clean scent will slowly disburse throughout my bedroom.
Way Out Wax Odor Candle

Odor Neutralizing Spray:

These sprays are great for targeting specific areas of a room. I use the Lavender scent to spray my bed in the AM after my puppies have slept in it all night. They would also work great as an addition to your gym bag to spray your clothes or yoga mat after an intense workout.Way Out Wax Odor Spray

So How Does It Work?:

Clean Air is 100% natural and Scientifically-Proven to eliminate odors by attracting odor particles on a molecular level, attaching to them and neutralizing the unwanted smell.


Recommended Use:

Way Out Wax recommends their Clean Air Collection for use in the air, fabrics, auto-care, yoga mats, athletic wear, by the litter box, in the kitchen after cooking fish or for accidents when food is burnt. 

Find Way Out Wax in a store near you: Store Locator

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